Sunday, May 6, 2012

“How would you use Real English website with 1st grade students-intermediate school in Yanbu” 

At the beginning, This site is about learning and teaching English for beginner to be come in a more advanced levels.This site provides us with original videos and interactive lessons.It is very useful site for learning and teaching English and it is completely free site.

I would use this site with my 1st grade intermediate students in Yanbu to improve their listening and speaking skills.At the beginning I will introduce them to the site to be able to use it easily.
I have two ways to use this site in the class.The first way is that I will play a video for them and ask them to listen carefully because I will ask them what did they hear in the video. I might play it for them many times because it might be hard for them at the beginning.In this way they will catch so many new word and with the correct pronunciation.Then I will let them watch the video with the subtitle to see how word are written and then I ask them to write them on the board and then write it on their notebooks to remember it.

The second way is that I will play a video for them .Then I ask them about what they heard and ask two or three student to write it on the board.After that I will let them do a small activity which is related to what they heard.For example,If the video was about introducing you self I will ask two to three girls to come on the front and practice what they heard by introducing them selves to the class.

To conclude, I can use Real English website with my students to learn how to speak English.They will also be able to understand the real English that is used in the TV,news,media and so many more.So they will Learn in a better way how to speak, hear, and understand real English easily and confidently.


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